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Do you have source code, articles, tutorials and web links to share? You can Submit links here. — Nowadays, PHP have several database extensions. In the past, there was only the MySQL extension. 296 days ago — how to import csv file using LOAD DATA INFILE, import csv file using mysql, imposr csv file in mysql, Import CSV File Into MySQL Table, 325 days ago — In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a simple Login-Logout system using Visual and MySQl Database. 378 days ago — Hello Friends, A simple ID DATABASE APPLICATION that will store information into your database and generate staff/employees information. Maybe soon... 386 days ago — This post is about how to implement Group of Fan Page system using MySQL and PHP. Here I have discussed how to design a database and implementation... 430 days ago — You will learn various techniques to call MySQL stored procedures by using PHP PDO. 478 days ago — f you are running a large web application then you must have lots of data(unwanted data also). 612 days ago — Import large files mysql phpmyadmin localhost, import large file size in localhost, problem with uploading 8MB file into the localhost, you... 615 days ago — Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost', access denied localhost-localhost access denied-1045 access denied-error 1045 access denied for... 615 days ago — How To Build Wordpress Theme From Scratch, develop wordpress theme from scratch- theme for wordpress- wordpress blog development- wordpress web design 615 days ago — delete column from table,delete column mysql,drop column mysql,alter table delete column,mysql database command,alter in sql,Delete a column from... 615 days ago — mysql query check date between two dates,date between mysql query example,search date between mysql, Date condition in between function MySql Query 615 days ago — How to select only uppercase records from mysql table, retrieve only lowercase letters from mysql, sql retrieve 615 days ago — There are various storage engine for mysql tables 623 days ago — MySQL GUI Tools help us to manage our MySQL database. It’s a visual database design tool which integrates SQL development, 624 days ago

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