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Do you have source code, articles, tutorials and web links to share? You can Submit links here. — Trainr, a Khan Academy clone script from Agriya is built precisely to adapt and serve, the various market segments of the vastly popular online... 233 days ago — Teamr is a powerful and customizable Teamtreehouse clone script developed to create an assured online training platform. This online learning... 233 days ago — A futuristic approach to develop an online education website starts with using the Learnr – an Udacity clone script, expertly created by Agriya.... 233 days ago — With Graspr - the Coursera clone script, you can build your own online education website with features that matches and goes beyond many successful... 233 days ago — An effective and smart way to create your online learning community website is by using the wondrous Skillshare clone script – Skillr. This web... 233 days ago — Be successful in the huge and popular online learning and teaching platform by powering up your website with the strong and zealous Lynda clone... 233 days ago — Your online learning website, powered by Agriya's Teachr is assured to withstand the fierce competition of this tremendously popular online... 233 days ago — form validation library in php is a generic class for providing form validation and repopulate the values if form not posted successfully 248 days ago — 4K Video Downloader 4.1 Crack And Serial Key Free Download 4K Video Downloader Crack And Serial Key allows to download 4K Highest Quality... 254 days ago — Codeigniter comes with lots of ready made libraries and classes which makes a developer’s life little bit easier. 256 days ago — We have covered almost all OAuth connects like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google now its time to connect with Microsoft using PHP. 257 days ago — Many php frameworks are available today. But some frameworks only getting more attraction than others. Here we going to explain pros and cons of... 258 days ago — Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra 7 Latest Crack Free Download Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra 7 offers the ultimate mix of features. Go beyond what... 260 days ago — LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking platform and used for professional networking. 273 days ago — PHP is the easiest language that anyone can use to create a dynamic website faster than any other language or technology. It further allows you to... 273 days ago

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