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Do you have source code, articles, tutorials and web links to share? You can Submit links here. — Hashing in its simplest form, is a way to assigning a unique code for any variable/object after applying any formula/algorithm on its properties. A... 358 days ago — To show you how to edit images in PHP we are going to create a script which takes a couple of arguments (such as the certificate recipient’s name... 358 days ago — Facebook Wall Script 5.0 – Sharing Posts, Message Filtering, Instant Notifications & many more 358 days ago — Codeigniter is my all time favorite php framework in my life. So here I want to share few codeigniter tips and tricks to you. 358 days ago — Now a days wordpress is the biggest and fastest publishing platform to create a Blog, Store, CMS, Discussion Forums 358 days ago — After receiving amazing responses from its already released versions, 358 days ago — In this post I want to explain you how to implement phone shake detection using jquery. 698 days ago — Before explaining this topic in detail , let me tell you something which is related and really needed to understand the importance of this topic. 607 days ago — PNG(Portable Network Graphics) files are famous for their lossless image format. But there is one disadvantage to having .png image files 607 days ago — If you are learning CakePHP then you should know some basic & small snippets that are very useful while developing app with CakePHP. 607 days ago — Today, I am going to show you some very useful Online Code Editors for Web Developers. 607 days ago — n any project the most time consuming and tedious task is to write queries. Its very boring thing to do especially when you have to deal with multi... 607 days ago — f you are running a large web application then you must have lots of data(unwanted data also). 607 days ago — Prevent wordpess blog from hacking is must. You might have know about hacked list of blogs and you find many blogs are from wordpress. Users... 603 days ago — Create Your Own Website Like YellowPages With YellowPages Clone Script 472 days ago

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